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 It is official must go back to acrylics

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new to oils

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PostSubject: It is official must go back to acrylics   Fri Dec 02, 2011 5:52 pm

Hi everybody, thank you for the awesome info you have provided all across this forum. But I will have to be going back to acrylics.

I tried some w/s oils. I figured out that I am just too sensitive to odour. I can't take the odour of linseed I guess. Barely 5 minutes and I already have a headache. And I have a window open and everything. Even now when it is minus a million already in Canada and snowing!!!!

I never had problems using acrylics. So I will go back to those, as well as try more techniques with the companies that offer the Open acrylics, there are a few more out now, and just paint the way most comfortable for me. I gave Golden Open another go, and love them!

So they will be one of the ones I will be using for sure. Along with a few other favourite companies. And to be fair I will try M Graham oils to see if I can handle walnut. But Linseed has proved impossible. And I heard Safflower oil and stand oil are similar. I can't take it. The one oil media I do plan on using are Winsor and Newton artist's oilbar. I LOVE the company, and the product looks great. I actually already have 1 bar to try, so the second I run to the store and get more canvas, I will try out! I still have a headache from using the w/s oils 30 minutes ago, but I guess some lessons are learned the hard way. Sad

At least I have a few acrylic companies I am very happy with! And oilbar will hopefully be great too!

Has anyone here tried it? It seems like an awesome product. I've looked extensively into it. For anyone who isn't familiar you should really check out their 2 videos on youtube. One is more of a commercial type and the other is a technical demonstration. Just type 'Winsor and Newton Artists oilbar' on the youtube search bar. Those videos are great!

And in the meantime, I have made a list of all the acrylic pigments I'm missing, and I will run to the store and get them and some canvases as soon as I can. To be honest I am not very disappointed. I found out they weren't for me and that's ok. I still love acrylics. And if I ever want to replicate the look of oil, using Golden Open in oil techniques, you can get a look that is practically identical if you want to! Even the drying rate is similar!

They also stay completely wet in a sealed pallete for 3 weeks. Which id fantastic for me. On the canvas they dry much quicker, which is good for me too. And their mediums are great for speeding up, slowing down, or altering anything in the paint. So, they are just another great option!
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PostSubject: Re: It is official must go back to acrylics   Fri Dec 02, 2011 11:36 pm

I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. You must be even more sensitive than I am. I use Golden Opens as my preferred choice for acrylics and love them. I've had to write on the back of my paintings if they are acrylics or WS oils because once they dry, I have a hard time telling them apart.

I've never heard of oilbars, but will look at the videos. If you have time, you could tell us more about them once you try them. You could just add to this post or start a new topic. I'm glad we were here to help you out and that you were able to make some educated decisions. Keep in touch.


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new to oils

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PostSubject: Re: It is official must go back to acrylics   Sat Dec 03, 2011 2:12 am

Hi Judy,

Thank you so much! For your kind words and all your help, and introducing me to this forum. I would still like to stay active here! And I am sure there will always be more tips to be learned here! It is a great forum! Very Happy

Yes I am sensitive. In second grade I found out I can't take odour when I was near a pass out because I smelled a permanent marker for more than a minute. That is why I never tried oils in the first place. I thought that it is pointless to.

But I wanted to give w/s oils a go, and I am glad I did.

At least now I know I tried, and it's not for me. That is so wonderful that you say Golden's Open and w/s oils are similar in finish! You've never heard of oilbar? Well I doubt you'll be disappointed. They are very versatile! Very Happy I will be happy to post my impressions and anything I discover on oilbar!!! Very Happy

I think they're really cool because of all the options. They're fun because you can draw with them like a marker, yet it is paint. You can choose from opaque and semi opaque pigments, and they are an artist's quality oil. You can cut them, using a pallete knife, and apply pieces of them as impasto! Very Happy You can draw with the stick on a pallette, and mix colours together! Or mix them with regular tube oils and mediums, and then they behave like a tube oil colour.

Many people recommend these for plein air painters as you have to basically take almost nothing with you! No need for brushes, mediums, or even a pallette you can do without. Just take some sticks in your french easel or pochade and go!!! Very light!!!! Very Happy Wink

They come in various sizes and packs from what I have seen. I am very excited to try them!!! And as soon as I do, I will be sure to post any tips, and what I think. Other companies make oil sticks too. Sennelier, R&F, and Rembrandt are just a few.

Oil sticks seem like a nice, fun option. It's a cool, and different way of working, so..... nice when you want to take a break from the brush! Very Happy They are great for sketching, as being kind of like a marker and a paint in one, and even though they are quality oils, they only take a few days to dry! You also never varnish them, because of the wax, as wax never dries (enough to be sound in varnishing that is. So companies don't recommend it) You frame them behind glass. So alot less hassle than tube oils too. No need to wait forever to sell!!

I think they could be fun to add to anyone's repertoire. I will continue to work mainly in acrylics, but I will also try these, and hopefully, work in these oilbars too!

And....... as far as I have read and heard, they don't have an odour!!!! lol!

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PostSubject: Re: It is official must go back to acrylics   Sat Dec 03, 2011 11:56 am

new to oils wrote:
...And....... as far as I have read and heard, they don't have an odour!!!! lol!...

They do have an odor, but less so than paint since there is less oil in them. The lower oil content may make your reaction less severe. Other brands use different amounts of oil to wax and some use safflower instead of linseed.
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new to oils

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PostSubject: Re: It is official must go back to acrylics   Sat Dec 03, 2011 11:36 pm

Hi David,

Thank you for letting me know. Considering I already have one I will give it a go and see how bad it is. Hopefully I will barely notice it. If I find out I like oil sticks and just can't take the smell of this one I will try others. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: It is official must go back to acrylics   

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It is official must go back to acrylics
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