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 Why I use Water Soluble Oils (text and images)

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PostSubject: Why I use Water Soluble Oils (text and images)   Thu Feb 03, 2011 7:44 pm

I just completed a new post on my website including lots of images, which you can access here:

But the text part I'll add here as I love reading about supplies other painters use, and figure I'd share my process of the moment.

One of my goals as an artist is to be a SOLVENT-FREE (watersoluble oils), TOXIC-FREE(no cadmiums or cobalts) and CRUELTY-FREE (synthetic brushes) oil painter.
So far that translates to:

no solvents needed
water-soluble oils
i use royal talens cobra and grumbacher max i love,
also have some artisan (ok) and holbein (expensive, and oily stiff)



this changes frequently, but for now i'm experimenting with
RED - warm -Napthol Red (Grumbacher) - to replace cadmium red
RED - cool - Thalo Red Rose (Grumbacher), or Aliz Crimson, or Permanent Rose

YELLOW - cool - Primary Yellow Light (Cobra) - to replace cadmium yellow
YELLOW - warm - I'm thinking about adding Indian Yellow (Cobra)

BLUE - warm - Ultramarine (Holbein is what i have on hand)
BLUE - cool - Phthalo Blue red shade which is still Greenish (Cobra) * potent

GREEN - just love Sap Green - i prefer mixing my ORANGE and PURPLE for now, keeping it simple.

EARTH - raw umber, sometimes others

BLACK - I have Spinel Black (Holbein), I really love black, so shoot me! : )
WHITE - Titanium


On the palette, i use the same layout each time.
Though I don't always lay out every color i use, just the 3-4 I pick for a particular painting.
i'm somewhat of an organization freak, so here's what i do with my oils:
Buy votive candle holders, i love the square ones - heavy and thick, from the Dollar Store.
Place all my paint tubes by color in their own container.
Talk about easy to reach over and grab my paint! place a dab of oil paint on top of each cap for easy identification.
No more hunting through drawers or shoeboxes for the paint i want!


(haven't found a watersoluble medium i like too much so far)
m graham walnut alkyd medium
dorland's wax medium


Text first, and pictures below. - synthetic therefore no innocent animal was hurt, or worse, to make them
DaVinci Top Acryl Brushes, LOVE them! Nice and stiff.
TriedRobert Simmons Titanium, and though a nice brush, not stiff enough for my style of painting, recommended by quite a few WS Oil painters.


have a gray scale i painted on canvas paper that is under my glass for handy reference
tried the Masterson palettes but i got tired of wrestling with the lids AND like to see my paints underneath the lid.
use a sheet pan for baking with a great lid. Perfection!


all i do is scrape off the old dried paint, give a quick spray of alcohol and wipe it clean.


Rinse with water and wipe with paper towel throughout painting
Take to sink and rinse, rub brush on sponge love Masters Brush Cleaner.
I can take a brush that looks clean, give it a swirl in this magical stuff, and whoosh, pigment comes out of it. Nice conditioning too.
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PostSubject: Re: Why I use Water Soluble Oils (text and images)   Sun Feb 06, 2011 1:52 pm

Wow thank you! Some really great tips! Smile

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new to oils

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PostSubject: Re: Why I use Water Soluble Oils (text and images)   Tue Oct 25, 2011 12:19 pm


Love your post!!!!!!!!!

I have many palettes, a few glass ones are among them, I definitely want to try your gray scale under the palette idea!!! Great idea!!

I'd love to share what I use but it isn't really relevant at the moment as I have just moved into a new bedroom/studio and am setting up, as well as changing how I'll work with everything entirely as switching to oils, or w/s oils, (trying to decide). So thanks for the great tips on your way of working with oils!!
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PostSubject: Re: Why I use Water Soluble Oils (text and images)   

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Why I use Water Soluble Oils (text and images)
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